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E-Commerce Information Pack


Display YM sailing schedule to help you locate suitable sailing based on cargo production.
Q1 : Where can I get a complete schedule for my target route?
A : You can get long-term schedule from "Schedule" by select area or by service name.
Q2 : Can I download an EDI schedule file?
A : Yes, You can. We provide an XML formatted EDI file that you can get from Schedule Download.
Q3 : Can I update or cancel my preferred routes from "Schedule Subscription" ?
A : Yes, you can update or cancel your settings via "Schedule Subscription".
Q4 : Is it possible for me to receive schedules regularly via email?
A : Yes, you can. Please go to [Schedule Subscription].


To help customers make booking easier and save fee on telephone or fax.
Q1 : Is the function available for all customers of Master Lina?
A : This function is open for registered customers. After registration, an ID/Password will be assigned.
Q2 : How soon can I receive the booking confirmation from Master Lina?
A : After booking is made online, you will receive an e-mail notification within 4 hours on a working day. Once the booking is being accepted, declined or need modification, you will receive the booking confirmation email.

B/L Process

B/L Instruction
This feature enables shipper to submit shipping instruction via Master Lina website other than traditional methods (FAX) or via EDI.
Q1 : Can I save the unfinished shipping instruction as a draft and finish later?
A : Yes, you can use the template to save your draft shipping instruction.
B/L Print
This feature enables customers to print Original B/L, Seaway Bill or B/L copy directly from Master Lina web site.
Q1 : Can I edit the B/L content directly on Master Lina website?
A : No, any amendment cannot be made through the web site.
Q2 : What kind of paper should I use to print out B/Ls?
A : For Original B/L, you should print it out on YM proprietary Internet B/L form. Otherwise, the B/L will be invalid. For Seaway B/L or B/L copy, you can use any plain A4/letter size paper.
Q3 : What should I do when the amendment has to be made?
A : If amendment is needed before printing, please click the hyperlink of BL NO. to leave your message in the comment column and our local staff will contact you ASAP. Or please contact our agent to send the amendment. After B/L has been printed, please contact our local documentation department for modification and surrender original b/l.
Q4 : Why B/L image PDF file could not display on WEB?
A : We suggest three modes for this condition: 
  • Check PDF Reader software has installed.
  • Check the firewall device/software. Then configure the firewall setting for Master Lina domains and trusts.
  • Re enter this feature.
  • If the download is still not working, please contact us via [Contact us].
Q5 : What should I do if I have run out of Internet B/L forms?
A : You can ask for Internet B/L forms either log in "B/L Print" to click "Order" button or contact local office.
Q6 : Why the webpage shows Navigation to the webpage was cancelled? (for IE8 user)
A : IE 8.0 has higher safety consideration than former version, so when you press the link of B/L Print, you might see a pop-up window warning "the webpage is not using https to transmit the content and it maybe threaten the safety of webpage". Please click "NO", then B/L should be able to process successfully
B/L Content
This feature enables customers to view the content of history B/L on Master Lina web site
Q1 : I am a custom broker. Can I access this feature on behalf of my customer?
A : Only registered customer is able to access this feature. Please have your customer register and assign you as sub-user in order to have access.

Track & Trace

Need an up-to-date status on your shipment? Want it right away without constantly checking on the web site? Why not just let Master Lina notify you automatically by email? Stay in the know by simply leaving your email address and container number or B/L number you will receive notification from YM whenever there is new event.
Q1 : By what kind of information can I track a shipment?
A : Container number, Bill of lading number, Booking number, or P.O number can be used when you track a shipment. We highly recommend you to use container number as the first priority to do the tracking.
Q2 : What should I do when it shows "Sorry, there is no data for this container~~" ?
A : Please reassure you did book with Master Lina for the shipment and number is correctly inserted. If it still not working, please [Contact us].

Vessel Tracking

Q1 : How can I locate the Lloyd's Code for the target vessel?
A : You can locate vessel's Lloyd's code by go to [SERVICE] --> [FLEET] and select target vessel. Or you can obtain the info by go to [Vessel Tracking] --> [Search by Vessel].
Q2 : Why are some vessels not available on the Master Lina web site?
A : All operating vessels of Master Lina and alliance partners' are available on Master Lina web site. If any target vessel can't be located, negative, please [Contact us].
Q3 : What are the differences among "planned", "estimate" and "actual" status?
A : "Planned schedule" refers to sailing schedule from Long-term that was planned 3 – 6 months in advance.
"Estimated schedule" refers to sailing schedule after vessel departs and is close to reality.
"Actual schedule" refers to actual vessel arrival/departure date/time.


Q1 : Where can I find the contact information for YM worldwide agents?
A : Go to "Office Network" --> "Office & Agent" on the top of Master Lina web site.
Q2 : Do all Master Lina E-service features require ID/PASSWORD?
A : For Booking, BL Instruction, BL Proof, BL Print, Shipment Control, registration is required. You can find "Register" button under “MEMBER AREA”to process registration.
Q3 : If I need to have more access to member only features, what should I do?
A : Please log in as member and then click "Change Register" to modify registration or apply for new features. We will process your request as soon as possible.
Q4 : How can I change my password assigned from Master Lina?
A : Please log in with the assigned ID/PW first, then click "Change Password" to process. Please note the assigned user ID is not allowed to modify.